"Sometimes I read submissions where the foreign work might be good, but the translation is so poor that it's impossible to tell for sure. ... And the translation [of Vasily Golovachev's Envoy] has been well handled. Likable characters, plenty of action, and tons of imagination!"
~Betsy Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief, Random House

"My work with Polina Skibinskaya can easily be called one of the most pleasant experiences in my life. ... As I read Polina's translations of my own works, I was amazed by how well she feels the general tone [and] main idea of each work." [click here for full text]
~Evgeny Konstantinov, writer

"A translator's job is akin to that of a surgeon, and the main principle is the same: 'Do no harm!' And Polina Skibinskaya wields her “scalpel” with precision. Much like a surgeon knows the human body down to the smallest nuance, she knows, understands – feels, even – every nuance of the text she is translating, becoming no less than a co-author of a brand new work. She has a deep sense of the way foreign readers will relate to the story: what must be interpreted, what must be changed. She makes sure the “patient” (the original text) is discharged with a clean bill of health."
~Sergei Yakimov, writer