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Using this service implies acceptance of all the clauses shown below.

All access to the official website of Polina Skibinskaya (http://www.polina-skibinskaya.com, http://polina.skibinskaya.com, http://www.polinaskibinskaya.com) and its contents is provided "as is." Polina Skibinskaya (owner), Triballiance Consulting (webmaster), Marqlar International Traders (parent company of webmaster), and affiliates make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the website or the services offered thereupon except as agreed to in these terms and conditions or otherwise agreed to in writing regardless of any claim whatever to the contrary. Polina Skibinskaya, Triballiance Consulting and Marqlar International Traders disclaim all other representations and warranties, including those of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose. Polina Skibinskaya, Triballiance Consulting and Marqlar International Traders will not be held liable for damages of any type as a result of or in connection with access to or the use of any information provided on this website or any services provided for any reason. Any other use of materials on this website without the prior written permission is prohibited. All rights are reserved with respect to ALL content appearing on this website. Polina Skibinskaya, Triballiance Consulting and Marqlar International Traders do not assume any responsibility or liability for any communications or materials available at any website to which it links.

All clients will hold Polina Skibinskaya, Triballiance Consulting, Marqlar International Traders, their owners, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, successors, subcontractors (whether staff or freelance), as well as all other parties associated with Polina Skibinskaya’s official website harmless from and against any and all losses or damages of any type associated with this agreement or the services that she provides. In no event will Polina Skibinskaya be liable for any damages of any type arising out of the use of our services including, but not limited to, missed deadlines or unsatisfactory translation beyond the cost of the translation.

Polina Skibinskaya provides original writing, translation, editing and related language services to its clients for agreed upon fees. Polina Skibinskaya reserves the right to adjust delivery estimates and/or pricing upon receipt and evaluation of the final source materials to be translated or edited.

Unless the client provides a specific list of words they would like to use to perform translation services, Polina Skibinskaya will translate specialized terms by their usual and conventional meanings, and otherwise make decisions based on standard operating procedures. All source material should be delivered to Polina Skibinskaya in agreed upon format(s) in the agreed upon time frame unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Materials submitted for editing in non-electronically editable formats such as paper copies or equivalent may be charged appropriate transcription fees required to put the text into an editable electronic format. Polina Skibinskaya will not be responsible for any delays that result from the failure to deliver materials on time and/or in the proper format.

Any and all modifications, additions, or changes of any type to source materials should be submitted to Polina Skibinskaya clearly indicating changes and where they occur in relation to the previously submitted materials. Pricing and scheduling for incorporation of any such modifications or additions will be determined based on extent and effect of changes and amount of work already completed.

Polina Skibinskaya will correct mistranslations, omissions, typos, grammatical mistakes, non-adherence to any approved list of terms submitted free of charge. Clients hereby agree that Polina Skibinskaya will have no liability or obligation regarding errors in translations unless she receives written notification of the error(s) within fifteen (15) days of delivery. Furthermore, Polina Skibinskaya must be given a reasonable time to correct such errors.

Delivery dates are valid only when they have been confirmed by Polina Skibinskaya in writing. In the event that a delay in delivery by Polina Skibinskaya takes place, she will be granted a reasonable additional period for completion automatically. Only upon expiration of this additional period without completion will the customer be entitled to demand cancellation of the contract or a reduction in the previously agreed upon price. Any further claims are excluded. The client remains liable for payment for the work performed by Polina Skibinskaya up to the time of the client's notice of cancellation. The client will not be entitled to claim cancellation or reduction if the delay is due to circumstances over which Polina Skibinskaya has no control, such as illness, electronic malfunction, postal service performance, or acts of god. A job is considered delivered when Polina Skibinskaya emails it, emails a notification that it has been uploaded to the website and is ready for download, or provides a notification in any form that it has been mailed via the post office.

Polina Skibinskaya will not be responsible for any loss or damage to, nor the return of, any source materials.

By submitting a quote request, or by seeking to employ Polina Skibinskaya in the capacity of translator or editor, clients hereby affirm that they are the rightful owner or licensee of the source materials and all of its components and that alteration of the source material by Polina Skibinskaya and publication, distribution, sale or other use of such materials will not infringe upon the legal rights of any third party.

Polina Skibinskaya represents and warrants that she will perform the translation in a manner consistent with its standard operating procedures for professional translators. Translation work is often subjective, therefore Polina Skibinskaya is under no obligation to make corrections regarding style, dialect, or word choice if the translation is otherwise correct. Polina Skibinskaya does not guarantee that translations will always be one hundred percent error free, but that she will take all reasonable steps to produce a quality translation and will correct any errors brought to her attention in accordance with the terms outlined above.

Payment methods will be in accordance with the terms of written arrangement expressed here, elsewhere on this website, or in written communications. If the client is late in making payment, Polina Skibinskaya is entitled to charge interest at the rate of 10% per month in whole or in part until the entire amount due is received. The client alone is liable for payment and cannot pass these responsibilities onto a third party without Polina Skibinskaya’s written approval. If Polina Skibinskaya requires professional collection assistance in order to collect a payment from the client, the client agrees to reimburse Polina Skibinskaya for the full costs and commissions charged for the collection of the debt plus an additional administration fee of US$200 to compensate Polina Skibinskaya for the additional administrative and management time required. Polina Skibinskaya is entitled to take any legal means required to settle debts including making the debts known to the public and publishing them on the internet.

Polina Skibinskaya reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be non-binding by a controlling legal authority, the remainder of these terms will remain in effect.

Personal information collected on this website is used only for the purpose for which it is requested. In particular, contact information such as name and e-mail addresses is used to provide users with the services they have chosen on this website, such as contacting the user during the course of translation or editing services, delivering completed materials, etc.

Users can access and browse any part of the website without providing their personal information. However in order to benefit from translation and/or editing services offered on the website, a user must provide personal information (including, but not limited to, name, address, telephone number, email address, and credit card or bank account number if an order is placed).

Polina Skibinskaya respects and protects the privacy of her existing and prospective clients. Individually identifiable information about users of the official website of Polina Skibinskaya is not willfully disclosed to any third party without first receiving the users’ permission, as explained below.

Polina Skibinskaya will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone, and will not disclose it to any third party unless required by law or if in good faith we believe that such action is necessary in order to conform to the requirements of law or comply with legal process served on the website.

Polina Skibinskaya, Triballiance Consulting and Marqlar International Traders do not assume any responsibility or liability for any communications or materials available at any website to which it links. These sites may have their own policies. Users are encouraged to read their Privacy Policy.

When the user is paying by credit card or direct bank transfer, the credit card and bank information is processed by PayPal (http://www.paypal.com), a third party. Polina Skibinskaya does not have access to any information provided to PayPal. Polina Skibinskaya, Triballiance Consulting and Marqlar International Traders subcontract PayPal for the purposes of collecting electronic payments, and are not responsible for security techniques, including encryption and secure servers, and privacy policies of PayPal.