Born in the former Soviet Union, Polina Skibinskaya moved to the United States as a young woman. Her love of the written word moved with her. She graduated from the City University of New York at Brooklyn College with an Honors degree in Media Studies and Film Theory, worked for MTV Studios, and became involved in independent magazine publishing.

Polina has been active as an educator throughout her career, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) courses in colleges throughout New York. She has served as an educator and editor for young and scholastic writers. She also conducts workshops educating small business owners in the art and science of Market Research and Business Plan development.

In her travels throughout Russia, Europe and North America, Polina has studied the subtle nuances of culture and language. She has strolled through the echoing chambers of the Louvre, and trudged through the graffiti covered streets of Camden,
New Jersey. She photographed the cats of the Roman Colosseum and fed the pigeons in Piazza San Marco in Venice. She has reveled in the antics of Ostap Bender in Odessa, and cheered along to classical Shakespeare plays at the Globe Theatre in London. Through her experiences, Polina has gained a finely tuned understanding of human communication and semantics - the source of all language.

Polina is intimately familiar with the cultural differences between the English of Britain, United States and Canada. A writer, translator and editor of diverse pieces of work, Polina is thoroughly dedicated to her craft and always on the lookout for new inspiration.

Polina lives in Toronto with her partner Kiran and four cats. She runs Triballiance Language Solutions (www.triballiance.ca), a full-service translation and multi-language web and graphic design company.

You may contact her at polina[at]polina-skibinskaya.com.